One Minute Wonder, featuring Sorenious Bonk

Sorenious Bonk is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Denmark. He has worked on an eclectic array of projects, ranging from his own music, through film/tv and documentary to commercials. In 2008 he won a British Animation Award for Best Music, for his work on Stephen Irwin's The Black Dog's Progress.

His work on the Doctors Without Borders spot, directed by brother Adam Bonke, earned a Danish True Award for best sound.

In 2008 he formed the band Klak Tik, which recorded two albums, Must We Find a Winner (2009), The Servants (2012).

Sorenious is currently working on the first album, following the 2014 EP Avenue of Giants, for his new project Urmutter.


Commercial Clients

Samsung, IKEA, Microsoft, Johnnie Walker, Nike, Comcast, Gore Tex, McDonalds, Landbrug & Fødevarer, Fakta, BT, Nordea, Profiloptik, Aarhus Universitet, Inoue Brothers, Havas Voyage, Bremykt, Tæppeland, Flügger, Activia, Movia, Fullrate, Tom's and more...

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A few pictures from Kokoro Studio in Copenhagen.